Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, music was a major factor in shaping C.J. Dudley into the man that he has become. Writing his first song at the age of 14, for a group he was in, he quickly realized that he had a natural gift for writing. As he grew older, he worked tirelessly on honing his craft. As he continues to discover new creative writing avenues, he always reminds himself that the road to becoming a great writer, is paved one word at a time.

C.J. is singer, songwriter, spoken word artists, and author. He has written, produced, and recorded three (3) solo Mixtapes; From Letters To Notes Volume 1 – 2018, From Letters To Notes Volume 2 – 2018, and Free Life – 2013, three (3) full length solo studio albums; Letters To A Blind Man: Spoken Word – 2018, Ordinary Man, Extraordinary God – 2010, and All You Need Is Faith – 2007, one (1) live album with the choir he directs, The Men of Ebenezer; Covered – 2013, and has written for several gospel recording artists. In 2018, C.J. finished his first book, entitled “Letters To A Blind Man,” a book of poetry in which he expresses his discontentment with the social and political injustice in America, his struggles and triumphs with living life as a Christian man, depression, suicide, and being in love.